About Yumin

My name is Yumin,native of Los Angeles,California.I have been in hair industry for over 30 years mostly owning UK salon in Beverly Hills. I feel fortunate to be able to enjoy craft of hairdressing for such long time. In my early years of career,I had oppportunity to meet and associate with hair icon such as Vidal Sassoon,Anthony Masscoro from Tony&Guy.

Yusuke Suga from New York,Yoshi from San Francisco,Hiroshi from Beverly Hills.

Each one of them taught me art of hair dressing. Through the time in my Uk salon in Beverly Hills,I embraced to meet many clients from Hollywood entertainment industry.

I was overly exited that one of my client, Deb Partell was nominated for best actor for academy awards for movie,Lion.These moment of joy will stay with me for ever.

I am thrilled to be able to share my knowledge and skill of hairdressing and hair coloring for international customers. As English speaking hairstylist,I will enjoy sharing my personal story,as well as been good listener to clients story sharing. Communication is thing that I treasure the most.

I am currently taking appointment at Bondz salon in Azabu Juban,Tokyo.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regard,Yumin.